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D You probably think: “Well, here’s another abstruse word. Is there little or no regular or online marketing? ” But digital is not as scary as the name itself sounds. And many companies successfully use his methods, sometimes without even knowing about it. To clarify, we describe what includes in digital marketing, and askes experts to comment on this topic.

Often this concept is confusing with Internet marketing – but they have a significant difference. Rather, digital marketing includes Internet marketing too, but it’s not limited to the Internet. Let’s compare: Internet marketing is the SEO site promotion, context, webinars, etc. – all the channels that are available to the user only on the Internet. And it is all of the above plus advertising and promotion on any digital media outside the network. That is, it implies digital communication, which occurs both online and offline.

Well, of course, it doesn’t include promotion through such traditional channels as newspaper ads, flyers, TV ads, billboards. Although, if a QR code indicates on the billboard, with the help of which you can go to the site, then this is already digital marketing.

digital marketing

How it all began

At one time, digital was possible without internet marketing at all. An example of this is the pioneers in this area, SoftAd Group (now ChannelNet). In the mid-80s, they developed an unusual advertising campaign for several car manufacturers at that time.

The idea was this: readers of the magazine had to cut out a special insert from the magazine and send it by mail. And in response, they received an offer of a free test drive and a floppy disk on which there was an advertisement for various automobile brands. So the company used digital media in combination with offline promotion tools. And the term “digital marketing” (or “digital marketing”) itself began to be used in the 90s.

What includes digital marketing

Each of the tools and channels of digital market can be devote to an article. Therefore, we will not analyze them in detail, but list the most common of them:

  • digital TV and online radio;
  • advertising in applications, instant messengers, online games;
  • SMS and MMS;
  • advertising on interactive and street LED screens, self-service terminals;
  • SEO and SEM – search engine marketing on the web;
  • contextual advertising, banners and teaser advertising;
  • SMM – social media marketing;
  • Email marketing affiliate marketing, in which the webmaster receives payment for attracting each visitor or buyer.

Afford all and at once few companies can, but this is most often not necessary. The choice depends on the goals of the business and / or the approach of the agency that leads the project. The view on the digital and the effectiveness of different channels may differ.

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