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Introduction-Automation or Automatic control is the creation of technology. It actually performs humans tasks. Automatic control is basically making a hardware or software that is capable of doing things automatically without human intervention. Additionally, it is the use of various control systems for operating equipment. Such as machinery, process in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens etc.

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Automatic control perform in several industries. For example; in the Information Technology domain, a software script can test a software product and generate a report. Moreover, some tools are also available that can generate the code for application. And user only need to configure the tool and define the process. It greatly improve productivity, saves time and cutting cost. Additionally, Artifial Intelligence is all about to make machines or software emulate, and eventually supersede human behavior and intelligence. Automatic control may or may not be based on Artificial Intelligence.


There is a difference between Automatic control and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Automatic control is basically hardware or software that mimics human actions.
  • Whereas, Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines.

Clearly, AI tells you how to do your job. Whereas automatic control gets to the point and take it away.

Types of Automation

Keep reading for its types

Network Automation(NA)

The process of automating the configuration, management and operations of a computer network is known as Network Automatics. For Example, Firewall application , which once set up,automatically allows or blocks incoming/outgoing traffic for abnormalities.


Office Automation(OA)

OA refers to the collective hardware, as well as, software. And then process that enable automatic control of information processing and communication tasks of an organization. Moreover, It includes,

  • Software that enable word processing, creating spreadsheets as well as managing accounts and more
  • internet connectivity and Email programs to send as well as receive email messages.
  • instant communication, such as VoIP and more.

Business Process Automation(BPA)

BPA, actually, is the process of managing information, data. And then process to reduce costs, resources as well as investment. Furthermore, BPA increase productivity by automating key key business process through computing technology.

Additionally, It has three fundamental principles:

Orchestration: It allows organizations to builds systems that provide centralized management of enterprise computing architecture.

Integration: Amalgamates business functions by ensuring the BPA system is spread across the process-centric boundaries of an organization.

Automated Execution: reduces multiple tasks with minimal human intervention.

Application Release Automation

ARA is the process of modeling, as well as, deploying software products. Then configure them for java and other platforms. Moreover, different types of ARA may include: process-based, packaged based, declarative and imperative solutions and approaches.

So, different types of approaches for ARA have different benefits. For Example; a package-based approach often succeeds in automating the server layer of deployment process. This approach can collectively handle much more of work. Whereas, a declarative-based approach may mean more attention to the application layer of the process. Mean-while, in an imperative -based ARA approach , developers may focus on particular programming languages and commands.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the type of Automation. It is basically use of software with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume repeatable tasks that previously performed by humans. Moreover, Robotic Process Automation is uses artificial intelligence to build software robots that automate tasks that once required human intervention, such as customer service and IT management.

Decision Automation

Decision Automation is also the type of Automation. Simply, it is the use of software to automatically make choices in business. It is distinct from the Decision Support System because the software can actually makes decisions instead of just offering information to humans who then make decisions. It makes choices on pre programmed business rules. Let me clarify with a diagram.

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