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Robotics-Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is most best field in robotics.It’s certainly the most controversial.In modern world, robotics are giving life to the human world.

What are robots

Probably, man-made machine with our intellectual abilities.This include the ability to learn about anything.The ability to reason.The ability to use language.The ability to formulate original ideas.Robots are working now all over world.They achieve high place in AI.

Robotics is domain in artificial intelligence.It deals with study creating intelligent and efficient robots.Robots are artificial machines acting like human.

Robotics is a branch of AI.It is compose of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,and Computer Science.It help in designing, construction,and application of robots.

Types of Robots

Consequently,It’s not easy to define robots.Probably,not easy to categorize them either.Most noteworthy,Each robot has its own unique features. Robots vary high in size, shape and capabilities.Still,many robots have a variety of features.Here are the categories to classify robots.

  • Aerospace: This is a broad category. It includes all sorts of flying robots.The Smart-Bird robotic seagull,Raven surveillance drone. Robots that operate in space,such as Mars rovers and NASA’s Robonaut.
  • Consumer: Consumer robots we can buy and use just for fun or help. Examples are the robot dog Aibo, the Roomba vacuum.
  • Disaster Response: These robots perform dangerous jobs searching for survivors in case of emergency.
  • Drones: A drones come in different sizes. Have different levels of autonomy.They are use for long-duration surveillance.
  • Exoskeletons: Robotic exoskeletons use for physical rehabilitation. Enables a paralyze patient walk again.

Certainly, Robots play a larger role in daily lives in future.In coming decades,robots gradually move out of the industrial and scientific worlds. In the same way that computers spread to the home in the 1980s.

Advantages of Robots

  • Helpful for elder people 
  • They make it easier for people in stress.And doesn’t have time to do there house hold.
  • If you aren’t able to do your house hold for any other reason.Like a emergency.You can rely on the robot to help you.


  • Therefore, for people that are healthy.They are able to do house hold.The robots can make them lazy and no need to do any work.
  • These robots are not made to do everything.
  • It might be dangerous to leave them alone and therefore you need to watch it.
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