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Distributed-Denial Of Service (DDoS)

A distributed-denial of service attack in which multiple compromise computer systems attack a target.

It attack on server, website or other network resource.
The flood of incoming messages, connection requests, malformed packets to the target system.Almost, It force to slow down and shut down. Thereby denying service to legitimate users or system.

Distributed-denial of service attack carried out by diverse threat.Certainly, Ranging from individual criminal to organize crime rings and government agencies.

How it works

Distributed-denial of service assailant begin exploit a vulnerability in one computer system and make it Distributed-denial of service master.
The attack master system identify other vulnerable systems. Therefore, then gains control over them by infecting the systems. By using malware, through bypassing the authentication controls.
Above all, A computer device under the control of an intruder is zombie or bot.
Most noteworthy, When botnet is assemble the attacker use traffic generate by the compromise devices. Hence, flood the target domain and knock it offline.

Types of DDoS

There are three types of Distributed-denial of service attacks.

Network centric

Volumetric attack

Consequently, Protocol attacks target network layer or transport layer protocols using flaws in the protocols.Hence, overwhelm target resources. Probably, application layer attacks overload application services or database. Furthermore, The inundation of packets at the target causes a denial of service.

Prevention of Distributed-denial of service

Probably, most of the high company owners know about these attacks.So, that they can save their authorities.Seems like, they understand the threats and vulnerabilities.


  • Hereafter, In the US, denial-of-service attack may be consider federal crime. Under the computer fraud with penalties that include years of imprisonment.
  • Therefore, In European countries, committing criminal denial-of-service attacks lead to arrest.

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